Primary Tools & Materials:

Additional Tools & Materials: dish, food coloring, 2% milk, camera, tripod, silicone alphabet ice tray, craft spatula, clear dish soap

I never thought I'd say this, but today's study requires a big shout out to Reddit. My husband showed me a video on Reddit from General Electric's Vine channel (random!) and as soon as I saw it, I said - I have to make a letter like that. The caption on their video was, "what happens when you combine milk, food coloring, and dish soap?" So I tried it. I did just what they did in the video - put a few drops of food coloring into a shallow dish of milk, then dipped a q-tip with soap on it into the dish. Worked like a charm. So - how to get soap in the shape of a letter? I tried just "writing" with soap - which created yucky looking puddles. Then I remembered the silicone ice trays I bought for the ice study I did on Day 26. Maybe I could pour the soap into the trays and freeze it - so it would hold its shape and - bonus - melt while I took a video of it interacting with the food coloring. This took several takes and one perfect one in which the camera battery died halfway through (whyyyyyyy?!) but I finally captured it this morning. I carefully removed the frozen letter P (the soap-p, get it!?) from the ice tray and placed it into a dish of milk and food coloring. Immediately it exploded with color, and I let the camera run for about 12 minutes to compress the video down into 14 seconds. 

This letter falls into the category of "activated" letters - letters made to interact with something else, that only come alive as intended, when those two things are brought together. This method is extremely unpredictable. Sometimes the food coloring explodes in an interesting way and sometimes it just wanders off towards the edge of the dish. The frozen soap letter does eventually melt, and start scooting around the bottom of the dish if it isn't on a perfectly level surface. The one feeling I get from this letter as I watch it is: that is LOUD.