Primary Tools & Materials:
PAINT, Data visuals

Additional Tools & Materials: paint brush, 8 bit generator, water, camera, scanner, Adobe Photoshop

This entry turned out nothing like I thought it would, but I like it anyway. I had planned to use graph paper and paint inside the squares but not quite fill them - making a rough, messy 8 bit letter with paint and brush. Then I got started and realized my graph paper was too big to accommodate the design. So instead, I decided to eyeball it - no grid to keep me on track, no guide for the size of the letters, just making paint dots instead of squares.

I began with a capital E from James Edmondson's beautiful Wisdom Script typeface. I then ran it through an online application called knitPro which turns an image into a knitting or cross stitch pattern. Since cross stitch patterns are made of colored squares, the result resembled a (very large) letter made of 8 bit pixels. 

Through some Photoshop magic, I then separated the 8 bit image into three colors, and decided to paint it in purple. I began making small dots, one row at a time, one color at a time, trying my best to stay in my imaginary grid, but knowing that the end result would surely be a bit wonky. 

The final letter seems to be sort of a drunken halftone image - it's trying desperately to look cohesive and uniform in its structure but failing miserably. I think it's a fun example of hybrid type because the hand (or at least, my hand) can't perfectly render the grid represented in the 8 bit image, and yet the effort to organize the shape into a grid is visible.