Primary Tools & Materials:
Pushpin, die cutting machine

Additional Tools & Materials: digital typeface, die cutting software, cardstock, cardboard, scraping tool, camera

This letter study produced a physical letterform with a perforated texture. The primary "hand tool" used is a pushpin, and the digital tool is a die cutting machine. I began by cutting out the letter P in the typeface Gotham Black, using my Silhouette Cameo digital die cutting machine (which I adore). This gave me a perfectly rendered letter 'p,' about two inches tall. I then flipped it over, and sunk a pushpin through the cardstock and into a scrap of cardboard in a gradient; with sparse perforations at the top and dense at the base. 

This created a very tactile letter which casts unique shadows and allows light to glow through the tiny pin pricks. It also creates a combination of random, imperfect holes next to the mechanically precise cuts of the die cutting machine.